Jumbo  takes packaged live worms to the next level with an innovative line of products. Consistent packaging, sharp graphics and convenient case quantities combine to offer the live bait dealer unmatched ease of handling, and potential for maximum product turnover and profits.

The exclusive Jumbo  expanded polystyrene container gives high-end presentation to a high-end product. The container is so sturdy you can stand on it! Extra thick construction provides superior insulation, well above the protection provided by a standard "coffee cup," and far above the typical cheap, blue plastic "deli cup" found in the big-box stores. High-quality blended bedding provides maximum shelf life and product preservation.

Each container is labeled with clear, crisp graphics including barcode and package quantity. Bold colors indicate container contents, and provide visual appeal to the consumer...these containers really stand out from the crowd.

In short, you've never seen live bait presented like this! Your customers will absolutely love this package! Even more so when they see what's inside: Big, healthy worms with plenty of bedding.

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Jumbo Canadian Nightcrawlers Jumbo Dillies Jumbo Red Trout Worms Jumbo NEONS!

All products are packed sixty containers per case (called a Sixtypack). This case quantity fits within a corrugated box just 18" x 13" x 11" for ease of inventory, handling, and storage. Each case weighs under 25 pounds, allowing for easy and convenient moving and stacking.

Jumbo ProductsJumbo stacking ability!

Each pre-chilled case is packed for shipment inside a heavy-duty white shipping carton.

Foam peanuts are used to surround the case within the shipping carton, with 'bubble' sheet on the bottom...

The top of the case is covered with an insulating foam sheet/vapor barrier, and the shipping carton is then sealed with 3M #375 heavy sealing tape.

The carton is weighed and labeled, then flash chilled prior to evening freight pickup.